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This report will provide you with key data regarding the level of awareness of your own and your competitors’ brands.

Why buy this product?
• To gain insight into the level of your brand’s online positioning: how often does it appear on search engines, social networks, etc.? What kind of things are people saying about your products?
• To compare your brand’s positioning with that of your competitors
• To see how you can best use online tools (social media marketing, search engine positioning, etc.) to increase the likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of your company's products or services


Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a product, and higher rates of brand awareness are directly linked to increased sales and market share. A complete online brand awareness campaign needs to consist of a number of different tools - both on your website and off it - which will expose people to your company and product and help them get to know it.

With tools such as Facebook and Twitter readily available, you can also gain direct insight into your customers’ opinion on new products, their reaction to new campaigns, and much more. This will allow you to target them more efficiently each time. Additionally, you can compare the level of awareness your brand has with the awareness generated by competing brands, and work towards improving your status.

Our team at Latin Brains will bring you thoroughly researched figures regarding awareness of a specific brand by measuring the brand’s presence on different social media platforms, press articles, and more, according to carefully selected considerations. We will analyze this information and provide useful advice on how you can improve your brand’s awareness online.